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You can find Fridge Freezers to buy just about everywhere, new and used depending on what you need. The question is where do you start because it can be difficult trying to identifying your requirements. A good starting point when choosing your unit is to find out it's capacity (how much it can hold). With today's lifestyles, time for preparing food from scratch can be difficult to do so frozen food is the next best solution. The size of your family will determine what capacity the unit you purchase will be. The standard capacity is typically around 260 liters of units that are available today. Everyone has a different requirement for their needs. This can either be a larger freezer section and smaller fridge or vice versa. 

If you are planning to buy a new model you should consider a number of things before you buy from our sale. There are some key considerations that you need to look at to help you make the best decision for you. Remember the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house so your choice could be a very important one.

It is always worth remembering that this is an investment and a valuable addition to your home. The right freezer unit can transform a kitchen.

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Buying a fridge freezer is unlike buying any other household item key considerations are the height of the ceiling, width of the space that the unit needs to fill. The dimensions of your room will have a determining factor on which model you buy for your home. Be sure to measure your room and choose a unit that fits the space. The key to this is to try and measure all the required dimensions for the floor space as well as the doors in which the unit needs to be delivered through.

These days fridge freezers come in many colours and finishes, so you don’t necessarily have to choose a white one.

Most big makes and brands offer a wide range of colours, and you can choose a silver, black or more colourful model to fit with your your kitchen. These can be a bit more expensive than the basic white option. A stainless steel or brushed steel finish looks stylish and will cost you more.

Extra-wide American-style designs live up to the maxim that huge is lovely and are available in various layouts. Side by Side (SxS)designs with a tall fridge on one side and a fridge on the various other are preferred because you don't constantly need to bend down to grab things in the freezer, yet DxD (Door and Compartment) styles are making friends quick. They have a fridge at the top, with 2 French doors opening into broad racks that could suit plates of fish, racks of ribs, 12in pizzas and so on. The freezer is found in drawers below, where it's easy to see exactly what's kept within.

However while American-style fridge-freezers look incredible and could be packed with food and beverage, not everyone has space for one in their kitchen area. With an upright fridge-freezer of around 60cm large, you can still capitalize on the most up to date components and technology, simply in a smaller package deal.

What is the best location for my unit? It is best placed in any corner of a house or flat where a ventilation facility is appropriate, proper ventilation reduces the work of the compressor within. Ventilation can have a bearing on how long a fridge freezer is in use. Most manufacturers usually offer frost free fridge freezers. To keep the product in use, it is important to maintain the fridge freezer as many of the products are used 24hrs in a day. Some of the latest models of fridge freezers come with an intelligent monitoring system for detection of how cold the product is. With both the fridge and the freezer needing to be kept at different temperatures, it is essential to have control of both. All fridge freezers come with glass shelves as these are easy to clean and maintain.  

Some other features to consider befrore purchase are

Energy Rating - American-style fridge freezers can take more power than your average 60cm-wide appliance, so energy efficiency is key. It would be a good idea to go for at least an A+ rating to keep your costs down.

Frost Free - This feature stops icy build-ups that can take up freezer space and means there's no need for defrosting.

Humidity Control - This stops your cucumbers from drying out or getting too soggy by keeping them at a higher humidity than the main fridge. 

Twin Cooling System - Helps keep the airflow in the fridge and freezer separate which also helps with humidity control.

Cooling Zone - Helps to preserve meat and dairy products effectively by keeping the temperature close to 0°C, as opposed to the 2-5°C of the main fridge.

Fast Freeze - Can be activated after a shopping trip or multi cooking session to keep in the moisture and flavour of fresh foods.

Fast Cool - Fast chill freshly made desserts, wine, lager, beer and any other beverages for any party or occasion.

Holiday ModeKeeps your freezer running, but saves energy either by switching off the fridge completely or raising its temperature to around 14°C so that eggs, butter, etc stay fresh.

Inverter Compressor - Most fridge freezers have one power level but inverter models have several, so if you only open the fridge freezer door for a couple of seconds, it will use the lowest power level to cool it - in short, the appliance never uses more energy than is required. They are usually quieter than regular compressors too.

If the time has come for you to replace your fridge, or perhaps buy one for the first time, however, because there are so many brands, choosing the right one can be confusing. Here is a list of the top brands in the fridge industry:

AEG, Miele and Beko are a few of the top brands when it comes to the fridges industry. Choosing one of these brands for your purchase will result in your contentment. Any of the above brands make a great choice for your next refrigerator purchase.

In addition, they offer various sizes in fridges that come in either stainless steel or white. Miele fridges are energy efficient, and they feature deep freezer drawers, ice makers and frost free fridges.

In addition, many fridges feature the coolmatic function that keeps large amounts of food fresh. The coolmatic feature switches itself on and off automatically after a set period of time, and the it returns to normal temperature. In addition to all these features, AEG fridges are attractive and complement any kitchen decor.

Beko, a Turkish brand maker, combines the latest technology and product innovation with stylish contemporary design. Some of Beko fridges offer a chilling compartment that stays cooler than the rest of the unit.

Some of Beko fridges offer a chilling compartment that stays cooler than the rest of the unit. AEG, Miele and Beko are a few of the top brands in the  industry. Choosing one of these brands for your purchase will result in your satisfaction.

Make sure you look at all the features that our products have to offer as to not see yourself short on getting the most for your money. Also take time to read the customer reviews too to find out what others have said about the product.

You can choose from many brands such as Zanussi, Swan, Whilpool, Samsung, Russell Hobbs, Beko and many more. If you can not find the model you are looking for, please email us and we will try and find it for you.


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